Tools, Technologies, and Techniques for Maritime Domain Awareness

With focus shifting to next generation warfare and to the threat of peer adversaries, we no longer have the luxury of assuming domain superiority in future conflicts. This threat to superiority is most prevalent in the colossal task of securing the maritime domain. With threats manifesting through drug trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorist activity, piracy, and potentially surface and submarine warfare DoD and our NATO partners have identified a capability gap that needs closing.

That is why the time is right for the Maritime ISR Summit 2017. This event will be an excellent opportunity to take an in-depth look at what the threat environment looks like for agencies in the maritime domain from a variety of perspectives including defense, homeland security, and international. In evaluating those threats we will attempt to determine requirements for the next MPA platform. Should we continue to investing in large anti-submarine warfare (ASW) manned aircraft, or can technology enable a smaller, more agile unmanned solution the can still conduct the ASW mission.

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Better Understanding on military and government needs and processes for acquisition, in order to secure the bid.

Learn about developments in Manned and Unmanned systems teaming to provide persistent ISR coverage and Real-time data fusion.

Test New Technologies during our Demo Drive, evaluate and analyze new technology to advance operations.

Engage with Maritime Patrol Aircraft acquisitions and policy leaders to understand the roadmap for joint system development and implementation.

Join Our Maritime Threat Environment Focus Day to get an inside perspective and learn more about Maritime domain awareness.

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